Monday, January 29, 2007

Saying grace....

So, I am wondering how "Grace" before dinner goes at other people's houses.

At our house, for at least the last few weeks (maybe months, since summer) it has gone thus:

Mommy: I am thankful for----(insert different item here daily)

Daddy: I am thankful for---(insert some equally nice thing here)

Eldest son: Me and [my baby brother] are thankful for a
wonderful brother,
wonderful day,
wonderful meal,
that we will never die for a long long time,
for mothteetoes (mosquitoes)

All: Amen, Grace

Seriously, day upon day, so it goes.... a love of life and a fear of death, ahh, to be three.

What is it like at yours?



emilyruth said...

ours used to go
'thank you for mommy & daddy & merra & quinn & mommy & lightening mcqueen & daddy & merra & the park & daddy & food AMEN!'

now he's beyond praying
he holds hands & yells amen!


Yaz and Rob said...

Ok, back from class. So, we toast at our table to begin the meal. We all say "Cheers!" and clink our glasses. Even Rowan does it now. It is so cute.