Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh, very young....

My poor dog.

Luckily for him, today was the day my husband and I said good-bye to a lot of C.R.A.P.... oh yes, I don't have to spell because my kids are not here inside of my head.

Today, we said good bye to all of the threadbare towels that we have been hanging on to since our wedding day. We said good bye to the pillow shams and cases that I just thought were the cat's meow 10 years ago. We said good-bye the dog costume exhibited so proudly (?) by dear sweet Peetie.

Back in the days before children, this little dog was my baby. I would make him clothes that he would wear only because he loved me and he loved treats. One Halloween, I think 9 years ago, he was a dalmatian to my Cruella, very fetching, I'd say, but then again what CAN'T you do with a bit of Velcro and fake fur???

I thought about taking the demon look out of his eyes, but that would have been a lie. Thanks Peetes, I will be getting rid of your torture device tonight.


emilyruth said...

oh good job you!
getting rid of stuff...
i love doing that!

& really?
you can't tease us like this
we need pictures of that halloween!


Sarah said...

that's hilarious. Sorry we didn't get to talk more the other time?! :)

Yaz and Rob said...

The cleansing can be sooooo good. But, I am a little Petey gone, or just the stuff?