Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Storm troopers taking Downtown?

Just a few images from our Weekend "away"...just me, the husband, and the boys. Very fun, funny, and what weirdness was had.

Only a few more days until...I don't know what...the crafting will be over??? Maybe just the deadline.
Happy elf days!


Diane said...

I LOVE your new header photo!!! Thanks for the kind wishes for my recovery. My body was thrown for a complete loop. Rehab is quite a challenge--three weeks and I haven't even gotten up to a stand yet! Have a blessed Christmas with your family--they are the ultimate gift. Peace!

emilyruth said...

what on earth was that storm trooper thing?

glad you got away
such a perfect time for it!

Yaz and Rob said...

Is that the Oregon Gardens? Good job getting away as a family. Miss you guys! I'll be thinking of you over Christmas break...