Saturday, May 23, 2009

Healthy this week...little chicks growing bigger...

The sun has been out this week, and so have the chicks.  They are only 3.5 weeks old, but they are growing feathers and flapping around (we HAVE GOT to get a move on that coop.)  We did find our old dog kennel and it makes a nice little area in the backyard for the boys and chicks to commune.
The little guys are kind of looking vulture-ish as they get their feathers in.  It is only spooky when you walk in to the garage and the scary black one is perched on the water bottle and peeking at you with one eye.
The chicks are teaching us all about being gentle and moving slowly, you don't want a smooshed little bird.  The second afternoon we took them out the black ones stopped trying to run through the wire and they flapped around sometimes landing on Blondie's head.  He was enchanted.
Our dog is not the biggest fan, but just wait... in a few more weeks I am totally going to let him in with the chicks and they will let him know what is what.  Yep, that is our little dog, a lot of bluster and then a little dog.
Chicks, yes, they are MUCH fun!


Lily Boot said...

gorgeous! I've always wanted chickens - and their eggs of course. I want Julian to build me a coop - maybe when we finally settle down. p.s. I have some alarming dog and chicken stories from my grandparents when I was little. I'd be wary :-)

Yaz and Rob said...

Nice chickie,chickie! Can't wait to meet the new memebers of the household.