Monday, May 25, 2009

New member of the family!!!

My new family member is not the baby...she is staying in for a few months yet.  I finally bought myself a DSLR!  I have been saving up for about 2 years and I have been waffling about which one to get. Well, Canon (I am a die hard Canon fan) came out with one that has video AND all the other non-professional bells and whistles and I had to get it.  
It is the Rebel T1i and I love it.  It did take some gentle prodding from my nice husband (have I thought of a nickname for him yet?) because I hate parting with large sums of money, especially on technology items. (It seems like as soon as I buy something, the next day it comes out faster and cheaper...)
It was time, so I did it, I went and bought my first camera.  (It seems so silly to me, but all of my other cameras have been presents from my in-laws or my husband, they are good to me.)
Our garden is growing beautifully.  Two years ago I received a "Scent garden" from Schreiner's Iris farm. (I didn't realize that bearded irises were scented, let alone had many different scents.)  At first I was thinking where am I going to put these....arghhh more work, blah, blah blah.  Eventually I put them right in our food garden, but close to our dining room window.  
This year I have fallen truly in love with them.  Each color has a different scent and they are the most beautiful colors. (This is a calla lily that I planted for my husband.)
(These are the only ones that I had from a different year.)
(Nope, this is just a shout out to all of the weeds that got pulled this weekend.  The ability of weeds to propagate never ceases to awe me.)
Here is one...
Here is one that I thought was going to be ugly, but it is so lovely.  I love the way the sun shines through the ruffles.  I can't decide what the scent is, but it smells nice.  The dark purple/almost black ones (above) smell like anise. (which I like the smell of but NOT the taste.)
I especially like the way this new camera does faces....I think my little (but getting SO BIG ) Blondie is so sweet.
I must get on to some sewing for my pattern making class.  I only have 2 sessions left this term.  It is so great, but I am so challenged in this area.  Really challenged.  I am also a bit sad that I will probably not be able to continue in the series of classes until next year, because I think with the baby coming I am going to be sorta busy.  We will see.

I have an exciting anniversary coming up, so stay tuned, there will be a give away.  (Who doesn't love a give away?!!)
Peace this week.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Beautiful pictures!! Congrats on your new purchase :) I tend to be the same way in spending money on techy stuff.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wow, amazing!

alobsiger said...

Your photos are gorgeous! Congrats on the new addition to your family. :-) We were admiring many of your iris colors on a walk yesterday--someone had a front yard FULL of irises. I believe I have a couple hiding in the backyard. Behind some WEEDS. :-)

Yaz and Rob said...

Love the shots and the camera! I wish I knew what DSLR was... well not really, but it is very festive to be in the loop about such events!

Diane said...

Stunning flower photos! I was intrigued by your new camera enough to look it up on Amazon. I have an old Rebel SLR and I think the lenses would work on the digital version. But the camera body alone is mega bucks! I wouldn't get enough use out of it to warrant the expense. YOU, on the other hand, have three special reasons to justify the purchase and many years of photo ops ahead of you. I'm so happy you got the new camera, Jess. I love seeing the world through your eyes and lens!

Ashlee said...

That is super awesome!!! Great pictures too! :) see ya at class!