Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Midweek...and new visitors that are here to stay.

For 3+ years I have been talking and talking about my know those ones I am "going to" get and have in the back yard?  I talk about the eggs and how great they are and how great it will be to have some slug eaters, and blah, blah, blah.  Well, I finally took the boys to the feed store and reserved some chicks.  I did it after school pick up one day.  I did it just so I couldn't back out again.... and here they are, come home to roost.
The little yellow ones are definitely the cutest, mostly because the black ones are always trying to poke their eyes out.  It must be the mother in me, I am very protective of them and I chide those mean black ones.  The yellow ones are Buff Orpingtons and so far their names are Chirp and Twitter (no, not the social networking site)
This one here is queen of the mean chicks.  I understand the need for a pecking order, but the eyes??  Can't you peck each other's feet??  Please?  The black ones are Barred Rock and their names haven't stuck yet.  My sister wants to name one Charlie, I don't know why.

When I told my husband that I FINALLY got the chicks...he kind of smiled in a strained way, I think that he probably thought that I was just a-talking about it again this year...  I totally understand where he is coming from...with two wild boys and another baby on the way plus a kitchen remodel...what are we going to do with these birds? 

Well, after a week, some thought, moving of chicks....he came to me today and said "Those chicks are really cute.  I held one today...even though I said that I wouldn't...they are really cute.  How about the boys and I clean out their box today?"  See, I knew that he would want to be a chicken farmer just takes a little time!

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Yaz and Rob said...

See.... Matt, the chicken farmer, lots of talents in the family. I can't wait to meet the little chickadees!