Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finished a few things today... hooray!

Do you ever undertake projects that are super easy, but cool, and then never sit down to do them?  These shirts and Pjs have been shuffling around my craft room since last year!  I think the T-shirts might be from last summer...embarrassing.  Maybe I thought that the whole concept of dressing them up a bit was too easy and I could just finish it "anytime".  For me that sometimes means "never" and then I get frustrated because there are so many projects that I want to do like this....I just never start them.  Maybe this is the start of "nesting" but man, it feels so good to get something off of the "to-do list"...8 somethings.  Yay me!

Can I be frank for a moment?  We have been living without a functioning kitchen for over a month.  We have been without a stove for 3 weeks.  It hasn't been that bad, we have been laughing about how great the new kitchen will look... we have been getting fun "take-out" for dinner and sometimes lunch.  Sometimes I take the kids out for breakfast and we all LOVE that...

I am so done!  Yesterday, our flooring was supposed to be installed and then we were going to have a stove AND a refrigerator AND a running sink, ALL in the same room.  We got home and looked at our beautiful new floor and  ARE you supposed to have a long, blackish, raised seam in the middle of the room when a "professional" is installing the marmoleum??  Are you???  I could let it go if I was the one doing the installing, because I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL!  Also if I had to deal with myself it would have been WAY more pleasant than the two men that came to do the floor... can you say rude??  Condescending??  Not very nice people??  They were all of those.  AND I have had it!  I am hugely pregnant, I am sick of eating food prepared by other people, and I am sick of having rude men come in to my home and then having to pay them and smile about it.  

Serenity NOW!

I just want people to do their job, well, and with a little bit of kindness.  Is that so wrong??

The crab is done.  These are small potatoes compared to so many things.  I am a blessed woman.

One small note:
Last week I had a bit of a small scare on the baby front...just some higher than usual blood pressure, but it merited more testing.  I am happy to report that the blood tests all came back normal and that is a LOAD off my mind!


Brenda said...

been there myself with no kitchen for too many weeks. no matter how much you want the reno, I found that I was tired of living in the mess well before the kitchen was done. this too shall pass.

Lily Boot said...

well the t-shirts are fantastic and that fabric with the little stamps is adorable - what is it? As for the eating out and kitchen drama - I totally understand being sick of eating other people's food - and as for the big black seam down the middle - aaargh! I hope they're fixing it! We had tree loppers two weeks ago - I could rant, but suffice to say, I know what you're saying. Hoping for good kitchen times soon!

stitchinpenny said...

So sorry about the floor, but much happier about the baby. May the blessings continue for you and the little one.

Katy said...

There's a rule - you do not mess with a pregnant lady. That pregnant lady could eat you up for breakfast (especially if she's missing a working kitchen). The workmen would do to learn that rule, right?
I'm not surprised you have had a little blip in the blood pressure. Remember serenity, and get more of those unfinished things done...and you'll be just fine and dandy. Think calming thoughts, put your feet up and order in some chai tea!

I second Lily too - love the t-shirts, but what is that fabric with the little stamps on?

Amy Jane said...

I'm in LOVE with the monkey shirt!!! Adorable!

Yaz and Rob said...

Can't wait to see the kitchen all done and pretty! I will have to come see it before the baby comes.