Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things I love today!

My new sink, faucet and counter + Rainier cherries...

I have never fully appreciated these lovely cherries before, I have always been a Bing girl.... WOW, these are amazing and put the dark reds to shame.  This is what a cherry should taste like. 
Insects in my backyard... Celery gone to flower...attracts ladybugs, who knew?
Artichokes gone to flower (click to enlarge)... can you count the bees in this picture??  There were a lot of them, more than I have ever seen in one flower.  I must say it made me happy that my lazy gardening this year is providing such a wonderful habitat to my pollinator friends.


Lily Boot said...

Oh Jessica - your photography is exquisite - I think I can see 8 bees? That photo is extraordinary - and I have sink envy :-)

Diane said...

I watched a documentary last night, on the demise of the honey bee. Thanks for your effort to keep them around. Can't wait to see more of the kitchen.

Yaz and Rob said...

Saniya just said the other day, "Mama what arrreeee these new cherries? I love them!", when I briught home some Raniers. They are good.

emilyruth said...

lovely pictures...lovely lovely
but may i ask is this all we get to see of the new kitchen?
i am getting antsy!

disa said...