Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sisters gallery almost finished!

What a fabulous show!  I am almost done mentally processing all of the greatness that I saw last weekend...almost.  This quilt I saw from a block and a half away and had to go and see it.  I believe that the challenge theme this year was "The Power of Red".  This collection of reds just glowed.  I have uploaded a gallery to Flickr to inspire and tantalize you.  Unfortunately, I can not identify all of the wonderful makers, but I do think that great quilts should be shared.  If you are one of the pictured quilt makers, please leave a comment here or on the Flickr page and accept my thanks for your beautiful work!


Ed said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. What inspiration!

Diane said...

No wonder your head is still spinning! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! I'm looking forward to perusing these at my leisure and thoroughly absorbing every one. Wow.