Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sometimes the light is just right...

Yes, I am still struggling with putting away all the Christmas decor. This year I really loved my fake-y tinsel items. They just make me smile.
The light was good today and I took ALL my "need to be photo'd" items out to the back. This little quilt was such a blessing this summer-- but it just didn't get put on the blog until today. I love it. It is a ray of sunshine, the piecing is gorgeous and the colors are so exuberant. It has cheered me so much the past few months. The dear smoochee of flickr fame made it for me and I am so grateful.
The back is just as beautiful. She also sent me a charm pack of AMH Bohemian... but it is half sewn together on my machine right now.

After taking overdue doll quilt photos, I decided to tackle the pile of my WIPs/UFOs (when do you reclassify??) They are either going to get finished or re-homed in 2012. I am not going to have so much space in the studio devoted to half done projects this year.... that is SO 2011! (Pics coming tomorrow... I HAVE to get those crazy kids to BED!)

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