Saturday, August 25, 2007

Garden phenomena and a little hat...

Happy Birthday Em!! I am thinking that 33 is going to be a good year! Here is a special picture for you...a sunflower and a friend!
Has anyone else noticed bees sleeping in their flowers?? I noticed this both in my dahlias and on these echinacea this summer. I can go out at dusk to cut flowers (I know you are supposed to cut them in the morning, but....) and they will "bee" full of these fuzzy fuzzy bees. Isn't that weird??
Here is my finished Peabody hat. It was fun and an easy way to get back in to the knitting groove. My inspiration initially was the Giving Flower blog. She knits the most beautiful things, and it SOOOO prolific. I am in awe.

Peabody is my own pattern, from the olden days, you know, before children. It knit up so fast that I think that I am going to be able to get through all the yarn that I have purchased at garage sales over the past 5 years. Hooray!

I also "love" the fact that all of my garden is getting ripe, just as I prepare to go to Stockholm and Tallinn. I hope that everything will just be done with this week so that I can eat it or get it frozen or preserved. My sweet husband just is not given to picking food out of the garden, eating it yes, but we all have our gifts...


Diane said...

Great flower photos. I'm no entomologist, but here's my theory about sleeping bees--they're too bloody hot! I hope you didn't mind that I linked to your site on my blog yesterday. I probably should have asked permission first but didn't see your e-mail address anywhere. Have a grand time in Sweden.

emilyruth said...

thank you for the birthday shout out...
i have a feeling that you will be getting one in the next few months too:)
& thank you for remebering my beloved sunflowers
& the friend is sweet too...

i love love love the peabody hat
will you be selling those at our craft sale?
(i know we don't really have one yet
but we will
oh yes
we will.)
& i love the hat displayed with the peas
super cleaver you are

love you...
when do you go to sweden?
do we get a countdown?

Yaz and Rob said...

Yum yum. I wish we had knot together when you were here. It was so busy with other stuff. I think I will pull ot the yarn and finally purchase some needles for this winter.