Tuesday, August 14, 2007

quilts and fabric, I just can't stop.

A quilt show at the ocean, I was so excited. But then I was driving and driving and I felt a bit selfish for leaving all my boys behind. So, I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted, but this quilt was very cool. (of course I forgot to look at the creator's name, but it was a wedding present. That much I can remember...continual improvement.)

It was not really that eye catching to me at first, some times I think that fans are just so "common". (I am embarrassed about how snobby that sounds, but why lie? That is what I actually thought.) Then I decided that I liked the colors and I was intrigued by the applique. I just fell in love with this little goose block. It was 3-D and just so original with that bird nabbing one of the grapes. The pieces were so tiny and I was quite impressed with the quilter's ability to give this away, because after looking at it for a while it was definitely my favorite!

This quilt was displayed as a "vintage" one. The owner decribed it as a quilt that she remembered her mother cutting up her old dresses and aprons and piecing it together as she was growing up. The quilt was given to her when she went to college. Normally I also don't like the "grandma's flower garden" type quilts. The hexagons kind of freak me out and I just don't like the "cutesy-ness" of them (there you have it, the secrets of my snobbery are out...but I don't think that you can like everything. I would like to say that I do appreciate all of the work that goes in to ANY quilt...so there's that.)

I LOVED this quilt because of it's fabric choice. The drabness (in such a good way!) of the background really made the patches of fabric sing. The pieces were really cut out so lovingly and pieced with such style that I just want this quilt to be my own!! I loved these roses, all in a circle, next to the weird green cherry fabric.

Here is a picture of the edge. It was also so lovely and well done. The quilt looked like it had been used over the years and washed. It was in beautiful condition still. Look at the fence swirls in the white and rose flower below...I don't know if that was a happy accident...but I thought that it looked great!
I have almost finished the branches on my tree, so hopefully I can share it this weekend! Whoo-pee.


emilyruth said...

i love that vintage one
it makes me sigh
& want to snuggle up...
thanks for sharing
you are hans down my favorite quilt snob...

emilyruth said...

that's hands down
not hans...
not sure what hans is doing
but he's always got something going...

Yaz and Rob said...

I love the first one. Amazing work! I had to go back and find the one square on the pic of the whole quilt. Can't wait to see what you are doing?.......Well, when you are home and settled and with Matt and kids nestled around you and all.