Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jimmy Carter and Amy Sedaris, wow (Podcast ALERT!).

Jimmy Carter sez:
Peace is more then just the absence of war. People everywhere seek an inner peace that comes from the human rights to voice their views, choose their leaders, feed their families and raise healthy children.

I read this on Ali Edwards site and it touched me. If "we" could just realize that this is a truth for everyone, it would be (for lack of more eloquent speech) cool.

What I had intended on posting about was Amy Sedaris and a panel of crafters. (that I am (right this second even) listening to) She is on this week's episode of Craftsanity podcast. She is so funny, sometimes a bit raw spoken....SO FUNNY. I was listening to it while I was watching my eldest play "Ernie's Space Adventures", which is amusing, but I was laughing out loud at Missy Sedaris and my guy....was just tickled that I found Ernie so hilarious. The podcast is actually a recording of a panel type discussion from a conference called BlogHer 2007. (I have to stop before I bore myself with a description...) But ANYWAY Crafsanity podcasts are well done and this will not disappoint...listen to it.

**ALERT, Vista update...

BORING, right...that is what I am thinking. I got a new computer and my sweet and lovable husband picked it out and now....WE GOT VISTA. Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate change. I fight it kicking and screaming. Deep down I know that it is good, but the transition period is THE WORST.

  1. After looking and looking for all of the scattered components of what used to be my old computer....trying to reload the software... I am realizing that some of my Photo-phixing things (circa 1998?) are not compatible with this "new" Vista thing...PLEASE! The program is only 9 years old, I just figured out how to make it do the things that I want LAST year. (it is probably hundreds of years old in computer years.) (Why me?)

  2. Then after skyping with my pseudo-Swedish friend for over an hour without my webcam (It is so distracting not being able to make faces and fix my hair when we skype) I found the camera only to try and install it and be told that it is not supported on's them apples? NOT EVEN A YEAR OLD, well almost a year old. I guess that is how they GET you for being so cheap that you only spent $34.99 on the pie-snapper. GRRRR.

  3. The last Vista gripe for tonight is this....I received a "super" printer from my in-laws for Christmas. Because I have two small boys and a propensity for piling on the computer desk, the new printer has been a footstool while I blog for 8 months now. I FINALLY found the install disk (after looking for an hour and several calls to my dear sweet husband)....I insert it into the maw of this beast with a great sigh of relief....AND IT DOESN'T WORK.... Since I had already been through all of the other "dinosaur" excavation and extermination this evening, with a small prayer in my heart I searched the HP website and HALLELUJAH there was a new driver. (which I don't really want to know what that is, I just know that I need it.)

So, for tonight, I think that I have done enough for the future of technology in our house. I feel pretty geeky, but only in the sexiest way.

--I won't even tell you how cruel HP is to give you 4 free trys at "Cake Mania", no, I won't even start on that!



Diane said...

Technology--what a racket!!! Glad you like Amy Sedaris. I bought her book, "I Like You" for my friend and had a good laugh reading through it before putting it in the mail. Have a great day.

Yaz and Rob said...

I have to say I am so computer illiterate I did not even get most of the computer dialogue. "Vista? Whaz that?" I was thinking. Luckily I am married to a computer geek. On the peace part. I am reading "Snow" right now by Orhan Pamuk. It won the nobel prize in Literature this year. So, last night I read "Just because we are poor does not mean we are stupid". I like that one too.