Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Re-entry is bumpy, or reality bites...(not the original title)

I love to travel...I love the new sights, new foods, new languages...

I hate to travel by plane...

I guess to be more specific, I hate to travel in economy, economy-xtra, not so bad. But econo sucks for some one who has a 35inch inseam...
Wait, I am already getting off track...

I am still dealing with jet lag which makes me not want to post, but I am slowly slipping into the "REALITY-REALITY" of my real life and I am losing the carefree traveling spirit that has been with me the last two weeks. The next few days I am going to give a pictorial highlight, to share with you all my fun trip, but more importantly to help process and remember the abandon and joy that I had on my premier solo excursion abroad.

A bit of "cafe" after 20 hours of travel...and who doesn't love boxed milk?

Just one of the many architectural details that make up the the beauty of Stockholm. The buildings here are so much older, but Stockholm had the easy walkable feeling that I felt in Boston.

Gamla Stan, the old town square. So pretty and peaceful, no cars, and lots of benches for sitting...

brisk autumn air,
Swedish cobblestone street.

I could not ask for more.

Two friends chillin' in the plaza...
(I love that sunglasses can cover eyes that haven't slept in 36 hours, don't you?)

Another pedestrian friendly street, no wonder the Swedes are so Svelte.

Beautiful marketplace, chantrelles and lingon berries were the specials of the day!

Eagle in a crown, part of the facade of one of my favorite buildings.

On the water looking toward the Grand Hotel, beautiful day.

When all else fails, you must stop for a "cafe" at an outdoor Cafe... so Swedish.

Two happy mommies leaving on the Victoria for Tallinn, Estonia.
Stay tuned for our Baltic adventures...


emilyruth said...

oh my goodness!
it all looks so great!
please give more details & stories!
please please please?

i want to go to europe again & again...

ps so glad you are back
safe & sound

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

beautiful pics. I love the architectural details and houses in particular (no surprise there).


I am GREEN!!! I want to hear more and more!!

Yaz and Rob said...

Ahhhh, I am reliving it in every pic! What a great time and sooooooooo glad you came. The bad part is that I miss you now that you are home again in your snuggly house.