Friday, September 07, 2007

Who doesn't love being globally connected??

Hi all--
I am in my hostel in Tallinn, Estonia. Yes, sitting right here in a chair typing a blog entry...

How cool is that?? It is all about the internet, free internet...I hear that this whole town is wired for free wi-fi...I think that they write it wii-fii here.

How is it?

GREAT! I miss my boys with a vastness that I perhaps did not foresee, but freedom and un-impeded movement does have it's own allure. I sat on a bench today with my friend Yaz and we just watched tour groups go by, listened to all of the different languages, looked at all the different fashions....

AND then

I sat and watched the sun shine through some leaves...beautiful. We just sat, because we had ALL DAY, 3 DAYS!! Then, wouldn't you know it we had to get a bit of coffee.

Great fun.
Beautiful town.
Recommend it to all.
Be back in reality next Friday, maybe I will catch you there.

Until then.


emilyruth said...

back here in reality
i am so happy for you...

Yaz and Rob said...

Ahhhhh, it was soooo good. It is seared in my little brain for all eternity. I loved our time in Tallinn. What a great and relaxing town, with a great and relaxing friend!