Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow, snow, cold, and more snow!

Oh, look how tiny! I think that it will be bigger if you click on it. (but with blogger, you never know what could could get sent to the magical land of Narnia. Say "Hi" to Mr. Tumnus if you get there.)

We had so much fun today. Romping in the snow, mixed with holiday decorating, mixed with my youngest's dreadful hacking cough. He is one the tail end of the nasty cold that has been moving through our home. I haven't been taken down with it yet (knock on wood...) But I will be retiring early tonight to try and boost the ol' immune system.

I had the best craft-o-rama day yesterday. I made scads of progress on many presents...BUT they are sometimes readers and so I can't show and tell. I will just have to save up I guess.

Stay cozy!


Lily Boot said...

oh look at your beautiful snow! That looks so wonderful ... I would LOVE to live in the Northern Hemisphere ... aahhh to dream! :-) Glad to hear your crafting is going well - I haven't started - eeek! I shall write the list tonight and then tomorrow - we'll have a full on week till Christmas :-)

Diane said...

When I read "knock on wood," I fully expected it to say "knock, knock." I love the photo collage, especially the last picture (by the way, the collage did enlarge when clicked).

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

what wonderful pics - great smiling faces. glad you enjoyed the snow, before it made you crazy locking you up inside. looking forward to seeing the projects you made.

Yaz and Rob said...

Fun! We missed you in the snow, but maybe it will come again...let's hope, or not?