Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me, here...you?

Hi there friends,
I have been attempting to post for days...  I need to, I thought that I was giving the Mangroomer too much press.  Also, I was starting to think that it could be a "good" idea, which makes me think that we all need to just move on (they are still on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond, for those of you looking for a zesty Groundhog's day pressie.  It is coming right up on February 2!)

Enough about the Mangroomer, let's talk about my sweet Christmas haul...
Does that sound too tacky??  It is kind of tacky, but I received some really nice presents and I think they should be given their due.  Here is a sampling of gifts:

1)Macbook....I feel like I can finally sit down and write my "great American novel" now... No, really I have never been able to read my endless list of blogs and comment on all of my flickr pictures from my lazy boy before.  Now THAT is AMERICAN!  No, really it is so sweet, BUT learning a new system is somewhat challenging.  I am not sure when I will be able to do any pictures besides the photobooth ones.

2)Homemade Mix CDs !!!!  WooHoo.  My youngest sister, we can call her Miss M, made me a bunch of CDs filled with all sorts of crazy pop music that I love, but would never own.  It is the best, she put in all of my favorite songs from "So, you think you can dance?" and so I just want to boogie boogie all the time.

3) Little Red purse... My other sister, we can call her RebaStar, made me a VERY cool purse.  I wish I could figure out how to get my pictures RIGHT NOW, because it is so neat.  It is very non-mommy, maybe I could stick one diaper in there, but it could go out for dinner and a movie very easily.

I guess I just wanted to tell you all that a handmade christmas is really nice....I really like what I was able to do and the gifts from my sisters, the more that I think about them and use them the more that I think it was a great idea. (That said I did get really stressed out a few days before Christmas and I also really like my new computer and I am excited about what it is going to let me do in the future.)

So, I am still here for the time being, are you?  Shall we see each other next ear then?

Yes, unless I can get the picture thing taken care of!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

your gifts from your sisters sound wonderful and wheee on the new computer. That's going to be me in a few weeks - completely challenged and barely able to post. have a wonderful happy next year and I'll see you there!

Katy said...

yes, I'll still be here, so I guess I'll see you around then? Cool.

Once you grasp the mac thing you'll think it was so easy you'll never know why you didn't go mac before. Like they say (I don't know you they are though...) once you go mac you never go back. Tis true.
Have a great new years eve - and try not to play on photo booth too much, it is addictive beyond all addictiveness - in our house it is used as a mirror too.

Diane said...

"Armchair blogging" is great but I discourage you from taking photos in the reclining position. That up-the-nose, double chin perspective can be unflattering. Enjoy your new toy. My laptop is the best gift my husband ever gave me. You know I'll be here in 2009 ~ I enjoy our dialog. Happy New Year!

Yaz and Rob said...

I thought that it was interesting to go from the pc to the mac, but I know Matt had some rhyme or reason for it. It will be good to get out of the old box and stretch you mind around a new mac box. Also, lots of love to you and the others in your home crew. Can't wait to see you LOTS in 2009. Can you believe it is 2009? When did that happen.

Sarah said...

Happy New Year yet!! yeah for a new laptop and sweet HM gifts!