Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something I found...

I am working on some photo gifts for the Holidays... Are any of you out there doing the same?? Well, I just found this picture and I want to say that I meant to get myself in there, but I just can't remember. SO, it was on purpose, OK?

I have been making books on Snapfish. There is nothing like actually using your photos for something to make you appreciate the word EDIT! I am getting rid of some of my duplicate shots, because there is usually just one of them that looks good and it is pretty obvious. These pictures are all from our trip to Colorado this summer. I realize that a bit of distance from the trip has given me new eyes and I am much less attached to some of the other shots that I took. While there were a lot of amazing ones, there were some others that need to go. It is all about saving the good and getting rid of the mediocre.

To sum up:
jmbmommy's tips for photo organization:
1) Find a use for your pictures (maybe like a project, it will make you more objective.)
2) Delete the "seconds", the ones with your kid's eyes half closed (unless they are just too cute and then you should use those too!)
3) Give yourself some space from the event, it will let you be more ruthless with the DEL button!

Heads up!
I have been listening to these two, 1 & 2 albums (can I still call them that?) while working on my masterpieces. My favorite song of the moment is this. I love the ying yang aspect...the bad makes you appreciate the good, the sweet, the sour. Just beautiful.

I must get back to it...finishing is the hardest part for me, you know! (I have started most of the presents, but have only finished 2) (but that is still 2! woo hoo!)


Diane said...

My son just turned twenty one and I was going to make him a photo gift of a beer mug, emblazoned with his "mug." Can you believe he thought the gift would be tacky? After a few beers, I bet it would have suited him just fine! Good luck with your gift making. The albums are a great idea.

Yaz and Rob said...

I am hooked on the editing of pixs. It is great to go back and really clarify what you want to keep later on. Love the pic that you posted, as well.