Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Working, working...

I have been wanting to do an Advent project. I really like this one that my friend Emily made. I just didn't have a board big enough for the size pictures that I was going to use. I also liked this one, that the lovely Amber (from kids crafts weekly) linked to on the newsletter this week.

(on a side note, she is just great and has an arty newsletter for kids and parents that she puts out for free. It is well done, very well done. She also is selling a Christmas craft "book" (PDF) and it is well done also, and a great way for people to support her.)

So, I printed out a bunch of wallet size pics of the boys from this past year and made a little card to hold the picture. Then I put a number on it and called it good. I think that it will be fun to talk with them about what we were doing in the picture and it will be nice for them to see all the pictures that are now printed out (because who ever prints pictures anymore?). I could envision the cards getting transformed in to ornaments next year, to either make way for new pictures or a whole new advent idea all together. I really want to make these, but I couldn't get around to it this year. With all of the "free" time that I have right now, I was thinking of getting a good start on them, finishing them, and then packing them away for a nice surprise for next year.
Here is my latest project over in the Lazy Gal's quilt-a-long. I made a new chair, this one, just wouldn't do. I LOVE my new chair. I am so inspired by this lovely quilter's work. She does some of the swaps that I do, so I am crossing my fingers that we get to exchange some day.

Speaking of swaps, I have some really great quilts that I have received...I will post them soon, I need to get back to my sewing machine!


Brenda said...

it's really great. I've been inspired by Lucyellen's chairs too, just haven't figured out how to make one.

Amy said...

All right, you're blowing my mind with that chair. And I had never seen Lucyellen's chairs before. And now I am obsessed. Thanks SO much. ;-b No, really, I LOVE your chair!

Diane said...

You're right, this chair looks a lot more "sitable" than the first. Charming fabrics ~ do I detect a Swedish influence here?

emilyruth said...

i love your calendar!
when i was getting ready to teach the class in november
i was thinking i needed to design one that uses 4x6 or wallets because it's not super easy to get your pictures to 2x2 unless you are in love with photo shop like i am:)

i bought that christmas craft book (pdf)
i'm excited to look through it
thanks for the tip:)

cute chair lady!
i love your style...


Yaz and Rob said...

Love the advent idea! i saw it on the wall the other day and never looked to see what was inside. I am in the midst of printing and album our pixs from the last year. what a project.