Monday, February 16, 2009

Six years ago, today, a momma was made...

We are 6.
So proud, so smug at times, but so special to me...
What he likes:
Books (the library rocks!)
Stuffed Animals
his friends
Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches WITH Raisins
Mac and Cheese 
Toy meals
Knock-knock jokes
Figuring out the "Code" a.k.a. learning to read
Other peoples' siblings
Doing Arts and Crafts (especially with scissors and glue)
"relaxing clothes"
Hugs from mom

People not washing their hands after using the toilet
OTHER people making loud noises (he can make them, alrighty)
Having his train of thought interrupted
Cleaning up the Legos
Cleaning up the Arts and Crafts
Not being understood
Any other fruit besides apples...they are "too juicy"

What I like especially right now:
Reading the BOB books to me from the library, right off the bat
Your laugh
Your smile...your teeth chipped from when you ran in to the doorknob
Your big puppy feet
Your enthusiasm to try most anything, even if you are not the most gifted at it
Hugging your brother and calling him "Brother..."
Laughing as loud as I do at the movie theater
The way that your brain works
Your gentleness with your friends
Your desire for knowledge
Your curiosity, I wish I could tell you more about what you want to know

You teach me about what love is everyday.

I love you, my big boy, my first son.  Thanks for making me your mommy.


Clare said...

Wow! 6! He's a big boy now.

I love the photo of the both of you.

Diane said...

Pass me the kleenex, you've brought on the tears! What a beautiful post. You are both very special people. Happy birthdays!

emilyruth said...

happy birthday, s!
so fun...


Lily Boot said...

being a mum is wonderful isn't it - and reading your lovely lists reminded me to slow down and bask more in Abby's and my love and fun. happy birthday!

rach said...

wow! he's a big kid now. so cute!

Yaz and Rob said...

Lots of love to Sammy and his mommy too. I love that he is so polite and listens when I talk with him. And I love that he loves games.