Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What day is it?

My in-laws are jewelers...so come February, after the annual trek to the gem show in Tucson, the Ohhhhs and Ahhhhhs arrive in Oregon.  This year, like the past few, there were so many pearls to admire.  I like the Dark-colored South Sea pearls the best, but these peachy ones captured my attention this year.
I have been married to this family for SO many years now, but seeing all of the jewelies still is very exciting and satisfies all of my inner princess desires.

It is also fun to see me kids get excited about it too, I am sure that makes Grandpa happy as well.

Note about daily posting:
I like it and I don't.  I like feeling like posts can be silly and not "meaningful" but Boy, did I choose a ridiculous time to try.  (a lot is going on right now)  But that is life, you live and learn!  I did see that more people are reading...even if the comments are a bit low.  That is always fun to note.
We have some snow falling...I guess spring will wait a bit longer.


Katy said...

oh my - I could go crazy in a place like that!!!!

CT said...

Swoon! I'm not a jewlery kinda girl (I usually don't wear earings and I even wear my wedding rings around my neck in a little silver chain) but those big peachy pearls had me sighing! they look just like the ones I borrowed (wink!)from my mother to wear on my wedding dress... two long gold earings with a pearl in the end and a gold cross with a single pearl in the middle. sigh!

Diane said...

Well, did you meet your deadline? Do you love yourself more today than a month ago? You should! Happy Valentine's Day.

syko kajsa said...

Hi Jessica! I don't have your e-mail so I am writing to you like this! I wanted to thank you for the lovely swap parcel that arrived today!!! The owl fabric is just gorgeous! Can you tell me the manufacturer? I'll show everything off at the blog later! I also have to appologise for being a crappy swap partner, I didn't send your package until today :( I hope you can forgive me for being so late, it's been a crazy month!

Happy sewing and many thanks again!

Yaz and Rob said...

I am an every two months commentor. I need to set up a feed so I know to check more regularly. Ah, if only I actually liked being on the computer, I think that would help.