Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Day TWENTY-TWO: Spring is HERE??!

Day TWO-dy-two:  It was so nice here today.  The sun was shining and it was over 50F!!  That is a recipe for love in my book.  Here we are barely in to February and I am so in love!  This happens almost every year, we will have a warm week in February and then all the gardener in you will get a excited and breathing heavy...like fresh peas are just around the bend, the trees will all flower, then we will get the mother of all Frosts and then people all over town will be weepy about their peach blossoms.  SO sad, but for today LOVE.   
The first thing that I spotted were these 2 crocuses...croci??  I was so surprised and delighted that the funkiness of the picture hardly bothers me at all...really.
Then to prove to you all that there is sun in Oregon, here are our boots... in the glorious sun.  We had them on and we were working to clear away some of the scary out there in the yard and garden.  I did find some wonderfully slimy chard from the last frosty night... I guess this year I will just have to plant new, instead of having the chard plants that just keep growing and growing despite my neglect and the bounty of snails and slugs that I grow every year.
Finally, my eldest son wanted to take a picture of this forlorn garden glove that has been laying frozen on the porch.... I took a closer look and it looks like it is giving the OK signal.  Don't you think?
I think that it is actually saying "OK, Spring, bring it ON!"


linda said...

You have crocuses already? Amazing!I don't think we'll ever see spring. Our driveway is actually a path, 3-ft high, from the road to the house. It'll be April before they show their leaves here. ;>)

Em said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with garden gloves that spend time frozen outside...

Yaz and Rob said...

We have had great weather. Last week rocked. I was just thinking about buying some seeds for the spring when at the store today. Also, I have been meaning to ask you. We need to discuss what to do with my mossy and needing to be reseeded backyard lawn. Please help with discussion of game plan?