Monday, June 01, 2009

Sometimes you find just what you need...on a friend's blog...

I wanted to post today to kick off my blog birthday week...  But I just wasn't inspired yet (it is 11:00 PST) Then I found this little video on my friend Emily's blog.  It is nice to watch.  Nice to watch while my little Blondie boy crawls over my shoulders while I sit in the computer chair.  Nice to watch while he smiles at all of the different shoes.  Just nice to watch.

Tomorrow is my actual blog birthday, 3 years!!  I was very sporadic at first, you know afraid of all those creepy weirdos that stalk you down from the Internet.  But after a time, I found some really nice friends here and I think that blogging has helped me through some tough times with depression, becoming a "Stay at Home Mom", it has helped my creativity and quilting dreams blossom.  

Here is an early thanks to Emily, who told me I could get my own blog (What is that? I said.) and to all of you who have shared the journey with me.  Stay tuned this week I am going to post every day to celebrate and will announce the give away tomorrow (and who doesn't love a give away?!)

Dream a dream today.  Who knows where it will get you by next week, next year, 3 years from now?
Who knows?


Yaz and Rob said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! 3 years, who'd a thunk....

Katy said...

3 years. wow. Happy anniversary!

Diane said...

What a sweet way to start my day, with a cup of coffee and this video. Three years of blogging is quite an achievement, but keeping it fresh and fun takes true talent. Thanks for all you share.

Jittina said...

Oh, the things to make with those lovely fabrics!
Happy blogiversary!

emilyruth said...

you are a wonderful blogger!
i love all of your color
(literally & figuratively:)

happy birthday!