Saturday, June 27, 2009

To the Islands!

We took a little trip to San Juan island yesterday.  I like to call it the "Big Juan".  It was the boys first ferry trip and they both enjoyed it immensely.  Brownie liked sitting all cozy inside with Grandpa, playing cards.  True to form little Blondie preferred running on the outside deck and checking out all of the "things" going on.
Friday Harbor was a zoo when we arrived and so we decided to try and eat something on the other side of the island in Roche Harbor.
It was nice, very resorty, because, well, I think it was a resort village... but it had a nice dock for the kids to look at sea life and a nice garden to walk through.  As you can see, I liked the flowers and the brickwork.
Also, being a former Waste water worker myself, I really appreciated the fecal humor of this sign...
I enjoyed watching these people get prepped for their kayak excursion.  Someday I would love to try this as well, but I didn't think that it would be the best "first-time" activity for a 7 month pregnant lady.
We did go to a lavender farm on the island.  It was just beautiful.  Sculptures and every type of lavender you could think of.  I did make a new motto though....  Smells good, tastes BAD.  I have tried eating several food items flavored with lavender, and each time I think "I shouldn't have done that"  Really, you just can't top the smell... the taste is just not right, no.
The day came to an end with a view of Mt. Baker from the ferry ride back to Anacortes.  The weather had been cloudy since we arrived so I hadn't realized that the mountain was so close.  We can even see it from our house... Just lovely.  I love vacation, why can't we have more??  Would it get too mundane?  It is so nice to have the Dad and the kids and I all together and not doing chores.  We still have a few more days of this bliss.  (Although, I can't help but daydream about my trip to Bend, only about 10 more days!!!!)


Katy said...

7 months? Already? Crikey - where does time fly to?

Loving the 'we take crap from anyone' sign. lol.

connie said...

Oh, my! What a lovely day.

Sarah said...

looks like you guys are having a wonderful start to summer vacation days!

Yaz and Rob said...

You are bringing up some great memories for me of living up there. In those day, Rob and I actually hiked regualarly, went kayaking in the Sound and had time to enjoy the view. I feel get away coming on....!