Friday, June 12, 2009

What I love today...

1) old photos of the year ago...

2) Sitting amongst a biker get together at the local Starbucks...  They were very charming.

3) New haircuts... Good-bye to the Joe Dirt/ Carol Brady love child look.

4) The new scrap bins at my current favorite fabric store.

5) Facebook commenting and quizzes sucking up time, but always making me giggle.

6) Chickies that are just about large enough to stay out in their coop all the time.

7) A dear sister that watches the kids so that I can blog and hang out with bikers at the local Starbucks.

Have a happy Friday!


CT said...

:D have a great weekend!!! ran into any more bikers?

Diane said...

What a great list of gratitudes!