Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Phinally, photoshop is back!

Welcome August! (I am feeling gutsy for sharing one of the few pregnancy pictures that exist, maybe I should have only posted the thumbnail version.)

I have been jonesin' for Photoshop since I made the mac switch over. I accidentally bought the wrong version (for a P.C., duh!) and then that just made me mad and I hid the box from myself for a few months... Then I found that you could do a trial from the Adobe web site, I was so excited... but then the day that I was going to download it, there was a code error in the trial and it wasn't going to be fixed until August 1. Drat thwarted again (I should have just bought it, but then I thought, it could be a lot different from the PC version.) July was a long month for me.

It was HOT HOT HOT here. I think that last week's high was 107 degrees. That is not right for Oregon. Just not right! Then, I guess I am 8 months pregnant??? What? De Nile is a deep and vast river here in mi casa. My belly is HUGE and I keep trying to figure out why it is so hard for me to move out of bed in the morning. Hmmmm, curious, could this be why I desire a nap EVERY SINGLE DAY?? Maybe.

I am down to a month + 2 days until the due date and I think Big Daddy and I are finally getting serious about this 3rd child. Oh, yes we are. (I don't know why but this whole pregnancy has been the last thing on my mind most days, Brownie is getting ready to lose his first tooth, for goodness sakes!) I am happy to say that I did make an appointment to look at the new hospital (I really loved the one that I delivered both of the boys at, but there is no Dr. support for midwives there... but that is a whole other ridiculous issue.) (Healthcare choices would be nice!) But I am proud to say that this Thursday we are going to figure out how to get to the labor and delivery area, I only had to beg a little bit before the maternity coordinator let us squeeze in to one of the tours this week. (I told her I had been having anxiety dreams, but are they dreams if you are awake?)

This morning I was scanning the web for a car seat, because you need one of those to come HOME from the hospital. Car seats are so complicated to buy, my sister happily suggested that I need to buy a pink one. Yeah, OK, but is it going to be safe???? Pink, schmink... but there has been a lot of pink clothes shopping, I can't deny that. I think that I might run out and buy some teeny tiny diapers tonight... just to be ready, you know.

The boys were in day camp the last two weeks for a few hours every morning. It was such a blessing. I really only feel like I have energy in the morning so I was able to get some sewing and quilting done. Our little baby Mango is the my only child to date that has a quilt made by ME to welcome her in to the world. She may not have a car seat and she may be born on the kitchen floor, but this baby girl has a quilt! (I guess I should take a picture of it... another thing on the list.)

The best thing about camp was really how much the boys LOVED it. We chose science camps this time around and they both came home everyday brimming over with facts, facts, and more facts. Their eyes were bright and they were so excited to go the next day. We have one more week of camp next week and I am hoping to finish a quilt for Blondie's bed. He has been so enamored with textiles lately. He says he loves quilts, just like his momma. Sweet music to my ears...

There you have it, the "brief" wrap up of the things that swirl in my head...maybe our kitchen will be finished later this week and I can post "After" pictures... Maybe.


Amy - Park City Girl said...

Aren't you cute! I hope you cherish these few maternity pictures :) I don't have many either!

Diane said...

Set pride aside. You look beautiful! Maybe this will make you feel better ~ I was watching the movie "Witness" recently, trying to think of who the actress Kelly McGillis reminded me of. It was you, Jessica! Good luck on this final stretch. Eight months pregnant in August ~ UGH!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

you look wonderful. eight months along and all that heat? woe, the misery. fingers crossed for better weather and smooth sailing. so to speak.

Yaz and Rob said...

I am surprised you don't have the infant seat from Sam and Ben??? Given away....I am sure. Saniya and Rowan's infant seat is somewhere in Boston. We gave it to our friends' in Stockholm to use with their new boy, Felix, when moving to ....Boston. Weird to think of that. You look like a great prego lady, nice and roley poley...and pretty.