Friday, December 10, 2010

Well... I do have to ensconce myself in beauty, because what is the alternative?

I decided that last post could not be what today is about. I have been working very hard to be healthy and to lose weight in a sustainable way. Big Daddy and I were talking one day about incentives, non-food incentives and so OF COURSE, I thought FABRIC! The first three pics are my "I lost 10 pounds and it is STILL GONE!!" (even a month later!) I was so lucky to find the turquoise farmdale flowers, I had to get a nice chunk of it. The Paris map is so fun, I like it next to the squirrel's treasure map (sometimes you just have to laugh.)
I liked these creepy little owls peeking from behind the new Anna Maria Horner, there are a couple more that I would like to befriend. That may wait for the next 10 pounds.
I am such a sucker for bees and those scissors.... I am crazy about the scissors. I really need to cut in to them and put them in a project to use... another mug rug?? I saw the purple bunnies used as a sash on a little girl's olive green dress, it was smashing...little Mango might like some little rabbits. (These were bought here, here, and here.) I love doing some fiber shopping while in Portland.
The owls... I am still crushing on the owls. Rumor has it that someone in my fair city has bought 2 bolts of the larger print... 2 stores are out of it, I want to see that project when they are done!
My favorite local shop, Piece by Piece Fabrics, was purging some of the "older" fabrics...I got deals, deals, deals! Some of these are saved for a Mango dress, or smocky type garb. The color, I am needing these colors during this grey Oregon weather. I bet these would look nice on some pillows for my grey couch. This quilt is folded over the back of it and it greets me with a smile EVERY morning.
Looking at these two like this makes me happy. It sounds bad, but this morning I did buy myself a little bit of happiness. They are in the wash right now, I want to cut into all of them before they become too precious.
Here's to blogging your way out of the dark!


emily ruth said...

so so pretty!
i can't wait to see the fun stuff you come up with...

craft sanity, my friend,
it works for me...
(& you know who :)

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful fabrics and oooh what fun!

yasmiene said...

Saniya likes the butteflies, and I like the older fabric from Piece by Piece, it feels very Swedish! I bet Alice is in so many great dresses and skirts made by momma.

Regina said...

What a perfect way to indulge in some delicious fabric. They are all so beautiful!