Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fabric therapy...

Yesterday was a big day for us. My mom went in for surgery to remove a tumor in her breast and another in her lymph in her armpit. She came through the whole thing well. The surgeon said that he cleaned all of it out of her body. I am so relieved. SO. Relieved!

The first two hours in the waiting room were OK. After those came and went, I kept watching the clock and started feeling anxious and punchy. There was a fisherman in the waiting room and he and the "concierge" nurse got in to this loud discussion about fish, eating fish, meaty fish, mushy fish, and cooking fish. A LOT of talk about fish. After a while my sisters and I couldn't help but get the giggles. Some people eat, some smoke... my sisters and I get the giggles when we are anxious.... and it was A LOT of talk about fish. Laughing helped release the nervous energy, but we all were able to really exhale once the surgeon came out and told us our mama was in recovery. I am so thankful that we were together. No one would have helped me laugh like those two girlies.
This past week I also found A LOT of fabric that wanted to come and live with me... brighten my life, if you please. I put all the skulls and purples together and I kinda like that mix. This next lot is for the kids. I am putting together another "I spy" and there are a lot of goodies here. I think the pac-man ghosts are going to be a hit.
More fun!! The town print is really fun!
SNAPS and VIEW MASTER!!! I am so in love.
Tickets, writing..... I can't say no to chicken wire!
Germs AND text??? These are really weird, but I like that.
These were on big sale @ The watercolor-ness of them is just perfect for spring!

I was so sad to miss my EMQG meeting last night... but rumor has it that it still was fantastic, even though I was gone. (I am so happy about that! It means we have found some good folks here in Eugene!) I was glad that I got to be with my mom and my sisters. Throughout the past months my mom has been saying that some of the pain that she had been having in her shoulders is feeling better. She believes that is the power of all of the people praying for her. Thank you so much for keeping her in your prayers, it means so much and it makes a difference.


Kristin Shields said...

So relieved to hear your mom's surgery went well. Your fabric photos remind of some recent one's that Tonya posted! Looks like a lot of fun.

Diane said...

Great news about your mom! Continued prayers for healing. You should record yourself with your giggling sisters and brighten all our days. Fabulous fabrics!

emily ruth said...

love you, my friend <3


Tonya Ricucci said...

whew, so happy the surgery went well and that you had your sisters there with you. oh yes, the online shopping danger zone. I looked all over for that quilting pirate (the Skull and Crossed Scissors) but couldn't find it. maybe it just came out. My thoughts are definitely with you. My best to your mom.

Alexis said...

I am so glad for your good news! And your fabulous fabrics- PACMAN?!?!!! Wow. Hugs and prayers to you and your family :-)

Clare said...

Great news about your Mum.

Great fabrics. Hmmmm. Haven't I seen that bug fabric on "someone else's blog :-)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Wonderful news about your mom and you are so have to bring in the giggle team when you need them most. Gorgeous fabric and the happiest of sewing to our Oregon doldrums away!!