Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In crafting news...

Spring Break-- Day 2, step 27 of 50---finished! It is a team effort, I would not have the fortitude to attempt this alone. Brownie is both a enthusiastic cheerleader AND a hard driving task master, maybe we will finish this later today.

I fear that my blog is turning into a cancer and kid blog these last few weeks. Upon looking through my photos I have come across many that haven't been shared... Fear not, I am still a crafting blogger!
Wait... this is the "urban-farmer" blogger shot-- but come on, the eggs are coming back. Lay, lay me some more little chickies!
Back to the early morning sewing-- I am going to finish this for next weeks DQS#10 due date. I did limit myself to only one online swap the past few months, but I have still felt really, really busy keeping up with the monthly swaps at the EMQG.
Photo-happy blogger here--- at first I was grossed out by this sticker, but upon closer inspection I wanted to leave a note on the windshield because this sticker actually ROCKS!
Back to craft-blogger, crafting all over town-- knitting is a great anxiety soother, I am knitting a stella pixie hat for little mango in the pre-op appointment at OHSU. In the past few weeks I also knitted 2 hats for my mom, this one and one I invented-- she has been wearing them, but in all the hubbub I forgot to take pictures. The pixie hat went with me to L.A. and I worked on it a little when the plane was taking off and landing. Upon arrival back home, I have discovered that I added and subtracted some of the ribbing rows by mistake. Luckily, I will be using this project to entertain myself further after I rip out the weird rows!
Back to crafting in odd locations-- I finished my swap softie (see EMQG link above) in the car after picking the kids up from school. By bribing them with granola bars and pop music, I was able to finish the arms, hair, and face just in time to drop him off at a friends for her to take him to the swap for me.

Looking at these pictures makes me think that I (and YOU too!) have little excuse for not having time for craft and taking our projects out with us. Out around town, to the airport, to the doctor's office, when time to craft around the home is short, you can always make something to do on the go!
(My crafting P.S.A. for the day!)

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Alexis said...

I was *just* thinking that I need a mobile project.. thanks for the pep talk! Cute stuff, that DQS peek is smashing!