Friday, April 29, 2011

Little girl, little dress... a small moment in a day.

I love the motion in this picture. It captures the extremes of day, the extremes of this little girl.

Our Mango is 19+ months. She is saying more and more words each day. She loves having a bag to tote to the car and to have her "phone", which is an old calculator. Using it to talk to her Daddy while he is at work and saying "Yes, yes, uh-huh, noooooo" just like she hears us. Mango is a part of the hustle and bustle in the house... always asking for a book to read, or a pencil and paper to draw with. She has been looking at my nails lately and frowning when she thinks that they are too long. (Where does this come from??) She falls right in to the scrum when the brothers wrestle. I don't know how she escapes the smack-down, but she does. Last night she spent an amazing amount of time, energy, and laughter running around the computer chair in her diaper and bloomer "shorts". She kept going and going and going. The energizer bunny must be modeled off a little girl. I bet that is why it is pink.
This dress was my Pattern Pact finish for March, but it was finished in April...such is the life right now. It is a dress from Handmade Beginings that I tricked out "jessica" style and added the little goosey apron instead of the inset fabric panel. To be honest, it took me so long because "gathering" freaks me out. I would like to say that Anna Maria gave good hints and once I got "over" myself, it went together SO EASY! Score 2 for AMH!! She writes an awesome pattern... if you can just get over your own fear-bots.


Alexis said...

Adorable girl in an adorable dress! AMH patterns always look so cute!

Clare said...

Oh she's so scrummy I could eat her!

Gorgeous Mango.

Kristin Shields said...

What an adorable girl, in and adorable dress! I got the magazine today! Thank you so much. There are so many great projects and yours is particularly cute. Happy Sewing Jessica!

ferne said...

I found your cute and creative blog from a link posted on Small Talk Quilts and am glad I did. It is as precious as that little girl in the cute dress!