Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Winner!

I will dispense with all the "What happened to this past week??"-- I just don't know, life is busy and I haven't even been having time for T.V. Blondie picked his winner, courtesy of Mango's Easter hat-- Kristin you are the proud new owner of my vanity vehicle "101 Patchwork Projects". I will get that off to you this very week!

I have been baking a lot lately-- I will post pics soon... but I am forgetting to slash the tops of my loaves sometimes and they are looking like crazy weird mushroom tops. Grrrrr.

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Kristin Shields said...

Yay! It is my lucky week since i just won a prize over at Mason- Dixon Knitting too! I'm thrilled to see this magazine! Thank you so much. I sent you my email.