Monday, June 25, 2007

How does your garden grow??

Every year I go on the symphony garden walk with my dear Mother-in-law. We enjoy the well kept gardens and marvel at the pergolas and other fancy-ness that that people have put in their yards. This year I was not feeling well and it was steadily raining outside, we did not go. I was feeling sad about this, until I looked around my own yard the other morning and decided that it deserved a little garden walk itself...
I don't quest for perfection, only to fill the brown spaces with things that are either beautiful, or edible....or both. We have been in our house and garden for 7 years now and I have settled in to the idea that there are always going to be weeds.... don't like to spray things I am eating or playing in...or really living in. Also I like a jumble of growing, mixed plantings. I don't want my dahlias to get lonely or snooty so this year I tucked some chard in and I LOVE IT!
It feels so utilitarian and it just looks good to me. My husband and I were talking the other day about how the garden is shining this year because with our youngest getting over the "first year" parental brain and body drain, we all have been getting out and spending our family time in the dirt and in the grass and in the berries.
Our experiment this year is the hanging tomato garden. I think that I love it. The buckets are kind of blindingly white, but it is so fun to look out and see the fruits and the crazy ways that the vines try and grow.
I want to introduce you to my new best garden friend. I waited too long to meet her...everyone told me that she was just the coolest, but I thought that she was out of my league....oh no....she is WONDERFUL....
This fork is my friend....where she is resting was/is infested with bind weed and she gently helps me dig up their insidious roots and works even when the soil is dry and clumpy. Just marvelous! I waited too long.
My two favorite flowers, growing closer together everyday! My best work to date.


Yaz and Rob said...

It makes me miss your garden, your house and seeing you in them! I also am trying to grow a pot of cherry tomatoes and I think I killed them...sad. We have potted strawberries, dahlias (that are not so happy), dill and wild flowers, all in little pots. Hmmm... I miss having a yard, but I am improvising! oh, gotta go, Rowan just dropped a picture frame and there is broken galss, joy...

emilyruth said...

your garden & yard truly are amazing
thank you for the garden tour...
i went on one once
& it was so great
& even though my yard is only slightly bigger than a bread box i am inspired to do something...
not sure what yet
but something:)
& i think you should get some paint & decorate those tomato buckets...can you imagine how fun that would look?
not that i don't love the white:)