Thursday, June 14, 2007

Where have I been, or better yet....Where am I now?

How many blog ideas have come and gone in the last month? A thousand? More?

I don't know, I have been busy just wishing that my thoughts could be instantly translated in to type (I almost wrote trype.... misspelled, but appropriate? YES) but in the same moment I have decided to never write again.....
The inner critic has been too vocal, squashing nascent ideas before they have even had a chance. This demon has been silencing my voice with cynicism before I have even had a chance to explain, better.... express myself.

Today I am writing just a bit to get over the long span of silence and self doubt. No, more that it is the critical eye that is again stuck waiting for perfection....when simple effort and follow through is called for. This is not a commercial forum, a product. When I started this I wanted this to be a conduit for creative journey and expression and even whim.....


emilyruth said...

go jmb go!


Diane said...

You seem to have read my mind with this post.