Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strawberries abound...even if you don't like them.

We went strawberry picking the other day....I had been dreading it. I really like the berries and all, but all I remember from the picking days of my the heat....the hours upon hours of mom driving us on and on to just pick a little bit more...

Here are the great things about now being the mom:
1)I get to be the boss.
2)We got to stop after picking one bucket.
3)We got to go have a picnic, before the meltdown (mine or the boy's)
4)There was a gentle breeze and cool little leaf-jumper bugs that would land on your hand and then spring back in to the sky.
Now that I am thinking about it a bit more intently...maybe we didn't have to pick for hours, maybe it just seemed like it. Maybe getting to be the boss made it so much fun this time...
**Note about my sweet, sweet eldest son:
He just doesn't like strawberries. I think that it is the weirdest thing. He was totally game to go and pick them but would not eat a bite. We had a great time.


emilyruth said...

hey we did that too
on friday too!

missed you...


Left Coast Sister said...

That is so funny, I've thougth about my own berry picking past and yet I've wanted to subject my own kids to it too... weird. I know I spent about 12 hours in the fields every saturday during strawberry season when I was 5 yrs old until about 17. I think, anyway.

Yaz and Rob said...

It's so great to be in the Mom's seat and make the decisions... well, sometimes. We have one little plant and get to pick one at a time as they ripen.