Friday, June 15, 2007

To change or not to change....

I have been going round and round the last few weeks about how "MY" new craft blog would look. The hours spent on minutia such as: TEMPLATE?? COLOR?? FONT??

Nothing that I could come up with was going to be cool enough, or some thing that I wasn't overly critical about. Then, last night as I sat down to dinner I had an epiphany of the obvious... why make another one, when I can just improve upon the old one? I wasn't that attached to what it looked like, but I was attached to the entries, my history with it.

Here we are now, as a belated blog birthday present to myself.... a new look, a year older, wiser, ready for more fun!


Yaz and Rob said...

First of all, I just checked to make sure I did not miss your birthday. It is coming in Oct. Ahh..Also, Wowie Kamowie! Love the new look. I had no idea that it could get so sprucey. Now I will be slummin' it back to my blog with the normal boring layout. Sending love. Yaz

emilyruth said...

super cute!
i have that goldfish fabric
& i love it
i am not sure if i will ever be able to use
i love it so much
& i love your new look
good job, you

ps please
send me directions on how to put up a banner
header whatever it's called
actual directions please
none of that
'go to this site & they will tell you' stuff
i want it in jmbese