Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I can't look away!

I could have gone to bed tonight at 10:30...it would have been great.
but then I wouldn't have had the opportunity, nay, the PRIVILEGE of reading SouleMama and seeing this wicked awesome video Wingsuit flying.
Maybe someday my old eyes will be able to rest, but not with Youtube around....somebody stop me!
(No one was hurt in the making of this post.)


emilyruth said...

what just happened?
i was watching that crazy thing (that i didn't click on on soule mama because i'm always leary, but since you gave it an endorsement i clicked)
& wondering why they don't show anyone landing
& then there was a burst of red & it just ended
was that a parachute or what?
okay besides that fact that i
don't know what i just saw
that is a wild video
wild suits!
pretty amazing!

thanks for making me not look away either:)

Yaz and Rob said...

Hi Ben! Sleep... what's that?