Sunday, October 14, 2007

New pictures, new fence, new gloves...


They were just so cute in their orange shirts and their work-boots and new gloves. The gloving process was a long one. The eldest trying to help his little brother, the little brother looking at the too-big gloves and saying "Here...HERE!"

The issue resolved when the eldest handed me the glove and went off to find his tool box. The little brother decided that one glove was just fine with him.

They love to work with their Dad in the yard.

In the background is our new rocks, no holes and the boards are ALL ATTACHED.

I have to close with one of the few pictures I have been able to take of my little one sleeping. It seems like I have so many of his brother. It is true that he doesn't sleep nearly as much as his older brother did, but I think that it is only because it seems like there is so much interesting stuff going on all the time. To me it seems like dishes and laundry but to him it is the joy of helping and being a "big boy".

Perspective, isn't it?
There's a thought.



Diane said...

Your boys remind me sooo much of mine at that age--same sizes, same coloring. Such sweet memories!

emilyruth said...

so sweet!
so fun that you have a brown haired & a blondie
love that brother thing...


I love it!!! your posts always make me want to be more creative. I am having a sewing date with a friend saturday and I can't wait!!!

jmbmommy said...

Ms. Taller...
I don't think that you could have paid me a bigger compliment!

Yaz and Rob said...

Ben looks so beautiful! I love when they are sleeping. also, I love that you all are in the garden and sharing time together there. Also, that Matt is an incredible Dad and you guys are so good together.