Sunday, April 20, 2008

Before and after...


Snow on April 18th and 19th, is not OK with me. I have a new pear tree, all in bloom...thank you very much. I am just trying to deal with the 85 degree weather LAST SATURDAY that caused all of my kale plants to bolt, and now this??!! Snow!

There are worse things than a bit of snow in April right now in the world, but for me at this moment, it is the most immediate. I guess I am lucky.

On another note, I have been catching up on my podcasts and I have found some new ones...

Within a Quarter Inch-- a podcast for quilter's by Alison Rosen...funny, funny gal...has toddler twins, a penchant for gadgets and a wonderful "Canadian in California" outlook on life.

Craftcast-- Allison Lee... I have tried this one out a few times, sometimes her brashness has been grating to my delicate sensibilities-- but I have chalked it up to a East Coast/West Coast feud and I have moved on. She is a practicing artist and does interviews based on seeking creativity in your life and the like. She gets a really good mix of people that work in different types of media. Quite a bit of flav.

Stitch it-- A spinning and knitting mommy with an infectious laugh...I really like a good laugh, so that might be why I continue to listen to this one!

The latest This American life (OK, just the last one, really the last two were just great...who am I kidding, they are all pretty great!)
166: Nobody's Family Is Going to Change and
353: The Audacity of Government.

The Audacity of Government was a really powerful episode, politically...I recommend a listen.

The kids beckon...I really don't like toys with batteries, the boys do...but I find them very high on the annoying list. (Enjoy them now boys, for they won't last long...)
Until the next thaw...


Allison said...

Hey! How cool is that??!! Thank you so much for the podcast love, and right back at ya honey. (the love, not the podcast..)

Sorry about the snow - poor flower.

Oh - and I L.O.V.E your new banner.

itsjustmeghan said...

Thanks for the podcast mention. i'm glad i have you laughing. hopefully it's with me! hahaha


KnitOneQuiltTooKristin said...

Yes, the snow was not a welcome sight right now. I was at Suttle Lake for the weekend and it was snow off and on the whole time. Thanks so much for the podcast tips. I'm not up on all the new ones.

emilyruth said...

the weather is kookie that's for sure!

i love ira!

Diane said...


Yaz and Rob said...

I am not up on the quilting podcasts, but have listened to both of the This American Life episodes. They were both great. My new thing is BBC Documentary Archives. They are great!