Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time...keeps ticking away~!

Here I am again talking inside of my head... there has been a lot of it lately, to me it is much more productive to write it down here. This blog tends to get me out of the constant brain idea cycle. You know to help the ol' thinker weed out the chaff from the grain. I have been feeling that, though I have been doing a whole mess of creative work, that the idea chaff has been holding me back and gumming up the works.

I had a burst of inspiration last week and I basted 2 quilt tops that have been hanging out for about 6 months. These are the two most recent tops and so don't think that a 6 month turnaround is my style AT ALL. There are many that are still working on their high notes...curing they might say, if they were salami. Anyway, I forget the work, physically, that goes in to quilting a larger quilt. Maneuvering the fabric, deciding on designs, basting with the pins, removing the pins...I need to have some warm-up exercises next time, just for the fingers! I feel like it is going well, and as the quilt is a gift, I will reveal it after it is gifted.

I also participated in the FIRST EVER! Craftsanity Fabric Postcard Swap, it was really fun. I have never made a little quilt on that really thick Peltex stabilizer before. It was really easy and fun. Jennifer A.-H. suggested the double sided fusible type, but I am not good with irons and gluey stuff, so I just used the plain and basted it like a quilt.
Here is the one that I received from a nice Kathy in Michigan. It was very exciting to get quilty things in the mail!!! I will definitely make more card and send more cards. Here are some instructions on the Craftsanity site. (Actually it is her newspaper blog, that girl is so all over the net.) I also got an old quilt at a garage sale the other day and I am so happy that I purchased it. When I first saw it, I was attracted to the wild flower print that is actually the back, and it has this lovely sueded patchwork on the front. It is very soft and works perfectly on the back on the couch in our sunroom. (the one where I just hate the print, but who wants to go through the process of fixing that?).
As an odd aside...this shot of my son "mopping" floor reminds me of this amazing painting that saw in Paris ....I just found it here , it is called "The Floor Scrapers" by Gustave Caillebotte. The richness of the wood in the painting and the depiction of the mundane made beautiful, of my whole trip it was the piece I remember still now, a decade later. I like when art is like that. It was at the Musee d'Orsay, if you are ever in the neighborhood.

The garden is shaping up nicely, my husband and the boys have put in another 2 yards (volume not length) of pathway rock and I am just so happy.


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Yaz and Rob said...

Love the D' Orsay. It is my favorite! Also, love seeing Sammy...!