Monday, April 14, 2008

Maybe it is the gym...

I went back to the gym this morning.... after being gone for over a month. There was no heckling, no laughing, not even a bit of was all just OK. It was OK, that I have been having issues getting to workout, with a husband traveling and being sick with a cough for weeks. It was OK, that I just got on the elliptical trainer with the expectation that I would tough it out for 30 minutes. It was OK, that after the 30 minutes I just did my back exercises and stretched. It was just GREAT to return home and know that I had taken care of my body and that I had energy to take care of myself, my family, and my home. What a MARVELous way to start out a week!


emilyruth said...

great job missy!
it is good to just go back again
no guilt
no 'why am i so bad at doing this?'
no 'maybe i should just quit'
just get going again
that's my motto

emilyruth said...

i like this quote:
"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”

& it reminded me of when we were talking about this very subject last week
so i am double commenting
go me!


Lily Boot said...

Good for you! I tend to be a bit like that - ooops, haven't done this/been there/spoken with this person for ages, so easier just to quietly sneak away! And with exercise - doubly so! Hope you get more opportunities this week to look after your body! And I like your new blog look - very pretty banner!

Diane said...

Don't beat yourself up over what you haven't done; take pride in what you accomplish in the midst of your busy and demanding life. Love the new blog header and more fabulous flower photos. If you haven't tried it yet, they work great as "desktop backgrounds."