Monday, April 21, 2008

Revelations, of the quilting sort...

Things that I have been realizing about myself and/or quilting whilst making this baby quilt:

1) I like to just get started... i.e. get to the cuttin' and the piecing of the smaller parts of the quilt first.

1.5) I need to make a better with size of the blocks (perhaps?!!) that way my mommy-adled brain doesn't have to keep figuring it out

2) I like the whole process of the wonky quilt making better, as it is more conducive to my LOVE of stopping and starting (having a zillion WIPs)...these more regimented ones are just not as pleasurable as I once thought. I think matching all the seams REALLY gets me in to the whole O.C.D. aspect of my personality.

3)Some times a different venue for sewing is in order for progress to occur. Today, I moved out to the dining room table so that my son and I could work on our projects together. He with his "biggest sticker book ever" and me with my extra pieces (there were supposed to be 12 of the big rectangles and I only made 10...and then I ran out of the right size of hot pink for the 1/2 square triangles...the minutiae is too dull to even share.) (snooze) OK...does any one else get SO tired of making the same blasted block...OVER and OVER?? Has my attention span just gotten really small? (this quilt is not that big, but I am a big whiner.) BUT all that said, it was WAY easier to finish the extra blocks and then sew it all together, out among the chaos than in my sewing room. The chipper banter about friendly aliens probably helped ease my way.

4)I also am not so hot on the sewing the rows together...too many seams to match. I like doing smaller squares in to larger squares in to HUGE squares until I am done.

5)For myself, right now (it always ebbs and flows, doesn't it?), I like the unexpected nature of old fashioned quilts and improvised quilts. I like when something looks like it was hand-done, maybe something is put in backwards... 6)All that said, I am liking the colors here and the cuteness (I do think that it is cute-pretty, and not ugly-pretty, which has been my taste of late) I am proud of my rockin' seam matching, my crisp corners, and the matchy-matchy colors. I only hope that I don't get too crazy and start quilting chemical formulas in to the stars, just to weird it up. I think that the little girl that is going to receive this will like it too. (I am going to be an Auntie!!!)

I have some of the fabric still left over and all those weird little 1/2 square triangles that I saved...maybe I can make myself some thing off-kilter with these colors to satisfy my ugly-pretty desires...maybe!

Funny thing from dinner last night:

Eldest son: I think that I just have a case of the gillies, Momma! (chuckle, wheeze, spit food on the table)

Me: What did you just say?

Him: The GILLIES, you know like when fisch (he has a lisp, bless him!) get the sillies... (then he can't control himself because he is loving how funny his little self is)

Me: (HA HA HA) I sure like the way your brain works!

The Gillies!



Rebecca K. said...

hmmmm...I was just working on my Auntie afghan (sp?) and then I saw your Auntie quilt, I feel a little deflated now. Probably looking for an excuse to stop making granny squares. See you Wednesday.

Rebecca K. said...

Wait, crochetting revelation is: 1) Too bad I didn't know how to crochette when I played with Barbi's, one acrylic granny square and Barbi would have been warm all winter long!

Lily Boot said...

Oh it's lovely - the colours are so nice for a baby girl without being too girly - if you know what I mean ;-) I made almost exactly the same quilt for my nephew in blues and reds and yellows - and you're right about the sewing up the rows - pins, pins, and more pins and then the bobbin runs out - miles back and you thought you had the points matched! You should be mighty pleased because it's mighty pretty!

upstateLisa said...

love the quilt! it turned out great!!!

emilyruth said...

oh your quilt is so great! i love it...
that pear fabric is one of my favorites!

lucky niece:)

what book is that under your notebook in that picture?
such a super cute girlie!

Em said...

Oh, I love that quilt! It's great for a little girl - I also love the colors. Great job!

Allison said...

OOOhhhh great use of the apple/pear fabric my dear! SO WONDERFUL:) Are you really giving it away???

And I think I have the gillies.

Anonymous said...

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