Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stone creatures

At the same art museum there is a beautiful courtyard. It almost seems out of place in my silly town. I was able to take pictures of the animals that surround the posts. The pool and fountain are all done in aqua tiles which I also love. It is a nice little place, I would like to move it to my backyard so that while I sew I could look out upon it... we all have to have a dream, don't we?
Proud duck

Hoot the Owl
Nutty and Wacky the crazy brother squirrels.
Is it a woodpecker?? Or just a fanciful imagination bird?
Ahhhh, the tile....I love it with the curved edge, definitely a quilt inspiration.
A little pan boy playing a tune...
But wait...who is lurking in the shadows? I think that it is one of the Asian dragon lions from upstairs...Yikes!
Happy Sunday!


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wow, what a beautiful architectural features. I love the owl. magical.

upstateLisa said...

great photos! and happy anniversary!

Rebecca said...

those columns are awesome. never seen bunnies in those before. wow. and happy anniversary, too.

emilyruth said...

i love that courtyard too
i got to coordinate a wedding reception there last year...
i was almost so jealous that i couldn't work!
wedding reception?!
at an art museum?!
why didn't i think of that?

happy anniversary!
you guys are as cute together now as you were when you were dating:)

Lily Boot said...

Those animals are fabulous! The only similar thing we have here in Brisbane is the cloisters at the University but instead of whimsical animals we have gargoyles of long-serving and much respected academics! The animals remind my of the Ken Follet book I am reading at the moment about the building of a cathedral just before the English civil war - the Stephen and Matilda version of the 12th century - the master builder is thinking about carving his pillars and he decides that he is not going to follow tradition and carve the usual decorative scrolls, but instead carve a variety of leaves from the trees in the forest that surrounds the cathedral. I wonder what your mason was thinking when he or she chose those animals - why they were meaningful for her? Mmmm... Thanks for sharing the photos! :-)

Yaz and Rob said...

I almost went this weekend. It is free every duck home game weekend. I couldn't get it together with my mom here, but plan to go the next free weekend.