Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Why do I love Oregon??

Today (actually two days is hard to find time to blog.) it is these trees. They are just huge and green and moist and WONDERFUL. When I was a kid and we came back from our trip to Colorado, my mom would always gasp as we came down the McKenzie pass. I thought that she was just being dramatic (ands she is a pretty dramatic lady)...this year it was my husband and I gasping as we came down the pass. After all the dryness in Utah and Wyoming the lushness of Oregon in July (not our lushest month) was an Oasis to these tired travelers. My skin could feel the moisture in the air and I knew that I was home.

I will write more of our trip. We saw such beautiful country. It was our first car trip (and long vacation away from home) as a family. I am pleasantly surprised that we all did so well and affirmed that I have such a wonderful pack of boys in my life.
I had a lot of nervous energy today, not really knowing what to do with myself and needing a bit of alone time after so much togetherness... So I began some strips for the final border of this quilt. The journey to a confident quilter that this quilt and I have taken has been transformative to me. I have learned so many new skills while making it and I know that I will learn much more as I finish this top and begin quilting it.

It doesn't look like the most complicated pattern, but after I started the journey, I kept coming across new learning opportunities. Running out of background fabric, piecing the whole thing on point, and then trying to figure out how to finish. This quilt will always remind me how far I have come as a quilter and a mother. I started it when my oldest was one... because I needed something just for me (I think that I was dealing a bit with depression and figuring out who I really was, now that I was a "mother") I barely finished the inside of the top before I had my second son (2 years after starting it!) But in that time our family made the choice to pay off our debt, for me to stay home with the boys, to quit a job that was very well paid, but not soul feeding. It was a long haul, but I am so thankful for the journey. I know a bit better now who I am, as a quilter, as a mother, and as a woman. I am excited to learn more still.

Wheww...that is a lot for a quilt to do, but it is so true, some projects are like that. You think, Why is this taking me so long to complete? And maybe you are working on more than the material??? I'm just saying...
These last two picks are peeks at what I am working on for some swaps. I have joined a really neat flickr group that is doing a small quilt swap every month. The people in the group are HILARIOUS and such talented artists. I am going to learn a lot. I am also working feverishly on my four seasons summer swap quilt....there are exciting times happening here in the studio.

In addition to my quilts coming together, my oldest son has started his own art quilt. He is really jazzed about it. Let's just say there is a snowman playing a piano... it is very improvisational (the quilt, I am not sure about the snowman's piano skills) and I am happy that he is wanting to share my passion with me.

More soon!


Lily Boot said...

Hey! Lovely to have you home again - driving holidays in the US sound so amazing - the landscape seems to change from state to state! Once again, I read your post and found myself nodding and thinking and pausing and re-reading. Yes, I think a quilt can do all that. Definitely. And it's beautiful.

Yaz and Rob said...

Hmmmm. I want to see the Sam quilt. I will ask tonight. Also, happy you are back home and enjoying life at home. I love the pass. I missed it in Sweden. You just inspired me to do a little trip to Belknap Hotsprings this weekend or next week.

Yaz and Rob said...

Ok, I am finally caught up. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far behind in reading about your life. Feeling much better now being up to date and all.