Sunday, August 09, 2009

Getting it done...

We had some ladies on the loose this weekend. Our "little" chicks are finally big enough to roam our back yard.
It is so fun to watch them investigate EVERYTHING. So far they have left the main food garden alone... I have been so lax in my yard work this summer that there are lots of exciting places to look through that are less groomed than usual.
I did have some perverse pleasure in throwing snails out for them while I weeded the garden. I love how I can call to them and then throw something in their direction and they will go and check it out and eat it. (I only throw treats like slightly mushy strawberries and snails.) Ahhh, cheap summer thrills. My little Blondie is turning in to quite the Chicken Whisperer. He loves to walk real close to them and just kind of pat their backs and look lovingly at them. His whole face lights up.

My Brownie has been really keen on harvesting things out of the garden. He loves to pick the tomatoes and berries and bring them to me or Daddy or Blondie, but will never eat any of them. It is quite cute and odd.
My crowning achievement this weekend were my July quilting bee blocks!!! Whoot! Once you get a little behind it can snowball! I don't want that!
These lovely green ones were for this bee. It was nice to sit down and just sew.
These were for this bee. I LOVE the colorful skin prints. I didn't know that I would, but they look really fun. I can't wait to see the final quilt.
It is sure to be zany.

I have more to share, but I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with my sister (fresh back from a trip to Joisey to see our niece...I miss her so! And our brother and his lovely wife too.) and my dear husband needs me to watch some BSG before he falls asleep.


Diane said...

My, how the ladies have grown. I have a really naive chicken question for you. I've seen on several blogs that new chicks are purchased each year. Why is that?

Also, I have a quilt that really needs to be photographed in the midst of chickens. Any interest in helping me out?

Yaz and Rob said...

It is a party in the backyard. Love the quilts, my favorite is the last one.