Sunday, August 16, 2009

It was like 97 degrees, humid, and I'm 9 months pregnant...or Why I like Portland so much...

Two weeks ago, Big Daddy and I got to go up to Portland for a belated anniversary getaway. I was looking at the pictures and the few that I took made me remember what a great time I had... It is funny how photos/images of things that you saw can help you rewrite what actually happened. I enjoy going places with my husband, he is game for most of my "ideas" and likes to be spontaneous in terms of what we do/eat once we get to our destination. I do want to be honest this trip was so hot, humid, and I am so pregnant that my feelings the actual days of the trip were so much more, let's say "intense", than my feelings about our trip today.

I will spare you all my pregnant whining and I will just comment on how I feel about our trip today...

We walked to Farmer's Market from our hotel. The market is held on Portland State University's campus on Saturdays, which is up in the leafy and green park blocks. We sat and rested on many of the lovely benches on those blocks and heard a bagpipe up around the corner. I love bagpipes, they are awkward and strange looking and they can produce a lovely tune. When we got closer to the music I noticed that, not only was the piper playing out in the park, but he was on a unicycle. Nothing quite as cool and awkward as some pipes on one wheel... He was pretty cool and ALL about keeping Portland weird. We made our way to the market and they had SO many cool vendors and musicians. I would definitely recommend a trip to one and all.

We napped and headed out for lunch around 3:00 and found The Original (the website is pretty fun.) It was happy hour and so we could have had any number of fun cocktails...but wait, not me... but it would have been fun a different day. The Original is sort of a hipster diner joint. The food looked like 50's diner food with a gourmet twist. There was some sort of fries dish that somehow incorporated foie gras. I didn't try it, but good for them for making pate' more fatty... We shared the Ruben sandwich and a BLT (+avocado). They were the best sandwiches I have ever eaten. After chatting with the rockabilly host we found that this restaurant subscribes to the local fare craze (love it!) that is sweeping our area. I must say, it is a good plan. Simple quality food always tastes better than fancy imports to me!

We went to see "Hangover". It was really funny, but pretty gross. I did enjoy sitting next to a couple in their 60's on date night. The husband could not control his laughter, it was so hilarious. I like a good laugh. We spent the next day at IKEA (my husband insists on looking at EVERYTHING) (so I was happy to lounge in what ever chair was available.) But first we went to Mother's for brunch. I love this place, we have been there 3 times now and it is just tasty.

There, I have successfully written my whining out of my memory of my July 2009 trip to Portland. Maybe Big Daddy will read this and remember that I can be fun, I really can.


Yaz and Rob said...

Is Mother's the place that we went? Love hearing about the trip. I will try The Original if we are up there with family and looking for a place to go. Is it a good place to take the kids or more of a festive date place?

emilyruth said...

oh that sounds like such a fun trip!
& i support you fully on writing out the whiney parts
i intend to do that from now on
even when i'm not preggo...
(& i'm not)