Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brother and sister....

The other day I was too slow in supplying a snack after we got home from school.

"Don't worry little sister, your brother will take care of you"
"Here is a piece of bread."
"Let's sit here on the table in the sun and watch the birds."
"I love you."
"I love you too, big brother"*

I had been telling them both all week to NOT sit on the table, but they looked so cute. Instead of chiding them I got the camera and shot away, after all, how many sunny afternoons do you have in Oregon, in February? It's gotta be a holiday!
*narration provided by me... it is nice to add a happy script to remember a special moment, even if it is only for the mommy.


Alexis said...

How sweet!

emily ruth said...

what a coupla cuties!


Kristin Shields said...

This is so sweet. Ah, the wisdom of a mom with experience. I remember many times when my kids were doing something I'd expressly told them not to do. They would be so innocent, just like that, and I'd run for the camera. When it comes down to it, it didn't really hurt anything anyway.