Sunday, February 06, 2011

Getting my butt kicked by minutiae...

Well, this is what I have been doing since we last talked. Making little birds, and driving myself crazy trying to reinvent the wheel with these Darn Union Jack blocks (I am free-piecing something that is rather fussy...crazytown!), and taking crappy low light pictures. I don't know why I like them so much (the Union Jacks, not my off color images)... the graphic quality of the intersecting crosses?? Perhaps, I actually just like flags.

In Other News:
(this is the big "unload" folks)

Big Daddie has been chained to his desk at work for the last two weeks... I don't see him and it has been so long that I am starting to think that this is the new state of our existence...yucko! Catch me on Tuesday... he is "supposed" to be back to normal by then.

My poor mother had to change Chemo drugs and the new one is giving her very painful side effects. It makes me so sad for her. I just keep praying for strength for her. She has been really doing awesome and having a great attitude thus far. It has helped me to feel hopeful, I hope we can stay on the right track and that we all can be strong enough to support each other.

The plumber came out 3 times this week... nothing major, but the faucet is STILL leaking!

My new idea of interesting is figuring out how many loads of laundry I do in a week. I know, "Jessica, that is depressing" you say.... but I am really curious. Today I did 5. I still have 3 of them to fold and put away. (they are kids clothes and kitchen towels... SO many items per load!!!)

FUN THINGS (to balance out all the mind-numbing crap):
*Today we organized the kid's art cupboard and the boys were so exciting to rediscover all of the things that they have in there. It sounds like work, but it actually made me really happy.

*Lunch at the DQ in J.C.-- It was like the old days, when I just had one boy and we would sit and watch the trucks go by. Today we had 3 kids that were in to watching all of the street action. Wow, yes, 3 KIDS!

*Bald eagle in the grass field on the way home. It was maybe 20 yards away, so beautiful and always so thrilling.

*Lambs, sweet, little, cuties. Black ones, white ones, white with brown noses... so fun to watch them hop on each other. I swear that this one ewe had 6 babies surrounding her. I am sure that they all weren't hers, but some momma was having some free time!

*Taking pictures of moss on old buildings. The colors made me so happy that I can see.

And this is only one day--

Note to Future Self: remember to make the kids go see the lambs, they may not like it, but you sure do!

I think that I would be insane had I not had Veronica Mars to watch on Netflix. A long time ago, we used to be friends....


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

your fun things out way the bad... yippeee! Sorry things have been crazy! I love yourvbirds and flags and wheels!

Go eat a heath blizzard for me at the DQ.. There are not any DQ's in NYC, can you believe that??? I get huge cravings for them, and gain 10 pounds when I go back to MN and eat theme everyday... ;-)

Tonya Ricucci said...

these blocks are so cool and I like how they play off each other there on your design wall. sorry about the missing in action working man, but I hope you get him back real soon! and oh, your poor mom. heart goes out to you all on that too. wheee for bouncing baby lambies. I totally love Veronica Mars. I had a marathon and watched all three season a few months back. miss that show. glad we're still friends!

Rachael said...

Haha. I liked Veronica Mars as well. Then it ended and I was sad. After that I started watching Monk on Netflix and I am back to happy.

You should watch Pushing Daisies when you need a new show to watch instantly.

I didn't grow up here and have been to that DQ a few times and all those memories are quite fond, funny how a place like that can hold such memories.

emilyruth said...


(didn't meant o be in all caps :)

sad that i haven't seen you in what feels like sooooo long!
but i have seen blondie a bunch
so i'm let that tide me over :)

love your union jacks!
so cool!

Diane said...

These are rough times indeed. Prayers for your Mom. Love the looks of your design wall. Laundry is a journey, not a destination. Hey, our chicken video is up to 103 views! Of course, YouTube counts me every time I check on the count, but still!