Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It is all about perspective..

We have been gifted in our neighborhood with a BEAUTIFUL bike/pedestrian bridge over to our River bike path system. Now, when the level of crazy hits TILT, I can get everyone outside and we have a safe walking destination (we live in a no sidewalk neighborhood= heart attacks for this momma.)

My perspective changes outdoors, as does theirs. It is not nearly as dark an dreary during the winter here, if you can make it outside. Then, this day, I was able to practice "good sharing techniques" and I let each of the boys take some pictures with the iTouch. I am so glad that I did. I now have my memory of the fun walk last Sunday, coupled with the fun pictures that we all took.
Brownie loves the ominous abilities of the Lenses app...
so spooky!

Blondie loves the pocketbooth app. Maybe it is more pictures per turn, I don't know, but I love seeing what he sees.
Myself, I like to just use what I have... my Rebel, to capture a tiny reader.
or the iTouch camera to quickly snap an attempt to outrun the hail storm.... We were not fast enough. We did laugh a lot though. Perspective. If it is not working for you, try and change it up. That is my helpful word for this week!

Hopefully, I can overcome my sewing inertia and get some stuff together tonight. Whenever Big Daddy is on a trip I either sew up a storm OR I watch WAY TOO much Tivo...I am hoping to switch to the sewing!


emily ruth said...

so fun!
& mango's sweater is to die for...


Diane said...

Love the photos and am wondering what hail sounds like as it pounces off your bike helmet.