Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday stash...

I am seriously in love with this printed lace design...
Then there were plaid vehicles!! And this Anna Griffin piece looks like a storybook from the 70's.... I won't gush over the french general piece....TEXT!
Blondie was so very good at the store that I let him pick out 2 for himself. I think that he wants a wallet and a bag. I had better make good on that promise! (maybe he will share a smiling kitty with me?!)
Off to take care of the crying baby (I had to post first is that so wrong??) (she was playing with the brothers so not too bad!)

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Diane said...

Your buying fabric for Blondie reminded me of the time my little guy actually shoplifted a fat quarter. He wanted me to make an "under the sea" quilt and was always pointing out watery prints. I was mortified to find a piece of fabric in his secret hiding place months later!