Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Feminine Cycles....ewwwww

Today I was just hot. Hot, temperature wise, and hot under the collar. Do you ever just get annoyed at perfectly nice people? I kept getting madder and madder about all the things that these "people" didn't do for me, couldn't they see me feeling so tired, taking care my two boys, while trying to politely listen to whatever it was they were saying.


Oh wait then I realized that I needed to ask for the help....grrrr.

Not my strong suit, this asking thing...Then I realized that I really just felt sad and that I missed these friends of mine.

It wasn't their fault, it isn't my fault....it is just the cycle of life that I am in right now. I am in the thick of being the mom to two little boys....number one priority right there. Number 2 is me getting to do some creative work. This is where I am, and it doesn't seem to be meshing with other things I might like to do.

Come and hang out with us, if you like. It is a loud, dirty, HILARIOUS place. If you need me this is where my brain is too...cause when I am in the middle of being with my children...the playing, reading to, cooking for, cleaning up after....that is the only place I can be, but there is always room for more.


Yaz and Rob said...

There is room for more, but the trick is to take it. That is my constant struggle. We are entrenched. Loving it, saturated with it, but also it is passing everyday and then will not be. I am feeling nostalgic as Rowan is getting so big.

BellaArtGirl said...

i like what you said and I agree when you are in the thick of the raising of kids you still need to find the moment to put your own oxygen mask on so to speak so that you can function..it is cliche to say this is a season that will soon pass but I can see with one seven year old and one 6 month old that it does pass quickly and even when it is most hard we must try to enjoy..thanks for your encouraging comment the other day